COP 27: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

COP 27: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Thalassains

The Good:

Finally, many countries around the world have made it to Egypt to speak up and motivate many people to get on the right path of sustainability, sparking the conversation of the climate crisis and changing mindsets on how our beloved planet and its beautiful seas and oceans are deteriorating due to our recklessness. It’s Egypt’s start and it’s promising! A climate conversation is better than no conversation at all!

The Bad:

Though the COP is what Egypt needs, that doesn’t mean jet fuel was not burned while getting to the event. Those who are coming to speak on the crisis are flying in with private jets, how ironic! Jet fuel is one of the big reasons the climate is in a crisis, and so are other damaging resources. No alternatives were thought through, leaving a bad image for COP27. Many inconveniences have also happened, many contributors have turned away after traveling miles and miles to get to an event that solely focuses on better earth! Better earth does not only mean reducing plastic, it also means improved mindsets!

The Ugly:

Greenwashing at its finest, we will not be pro or con towards the event, but we will speak the truth! Many active activists have spoken up about the actual dangers of the environment as well as human rights violations that are happening, but here’s the twist, they are being shut down! And the hypocrisy that it’s providing is infuriating because this event is the one chance to start focusing on a better future, but it seems that businesses found a money-making opportunity!

COP needs to realize it’s purpose before it’s too late.


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