We’re on a mission to end the Red Sea plastic crisis

Thalassains is a company dedicated to ending the Red Sea plastic crisis. We harness the power of business to fund a global cleanup operation that’s responsible for recovering thousands of kilograms of plastic and trash from Egypt's Red Sea.

3,500+ KG's

Total Plastic Recovered

May 2023

In May 2023, our efforts continued as we actively collected a remarkable 150 KG of plastic waste from the shores of Dahab through our beach cleanups and plastic collection initiatives. It was an honor to host the leadership group of SC Johnson, who joined us to witness firsthand the impact of plastic pollution on the Red Sea's beaches and corals. We facilitated a collaborative brainstorming session, inspiring new ideas for them to implement in their own processes, ultimately contributing to the reduction of marine debris in the MENA region. Together, we are driving positive change.

April 2023

April brought a unique significance as we observed the holy month of Ramadan. Despite reduced activities in Dahab, we remained committed to our cause and successfully recovered 50KG of plastic waste from our community cleanup activities on the beaches. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Le Meridian Dahab for their generous sponsorship of one of our cleanups and for providing nourishment to all our dedicated volunteers. Together, we are making a positive impact.

March 2023

In March, we accomplished incredible milestones in our conservation efforts. With over 60 KG of plastic waste collected from cleanups and plastic collection activities, we made a significant impact on preserving the environment. Our collaboration with Mama and Me Retreats was a true highlight, as we had the privilege of empowering moms and their young ones with the knowledge and tools to become guardians of the Red Sea. Together, we're building a sustainable future.

February 2023

In February , we were able to recover 185 kilograms of plastic bags, bottles, and caps from the shorelines between the Blue Hole and Abu Galum. We are immensely grateful to our partners Cadence Seekers for their unwavering commitment and eagerness to support our cause. Our community's participation and contribution were also critical to our success, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to them for lending their time and efforts. Without everyone's collective enthusiasm and dedication.

January 2023

New Year, same hustle! Our community's tireless dedication and determination paid off. In collaboration with AUC Egypt we successfully gathered over 150 kilograms of dumped straws, plastic bottles, and utensils. It was no easy accomplishment, but the sheer joy and satisfaction we felt made every effort worthwhile. Together, we can make a positive impact on the Red Sea!

December 2022

The last month of 2022 was something! We collected 241 KG worth of straws, plastic bottles, and utensils! It was hard but very much worth it! We could not have done it without the dedication and determination of the community! Thank you, and Happy New Year! 

November 2022

This month we recovered 52 kilograms worth of plastic bags, bottles, and caps from the beaches in Blue Hole and the Caves in Dahab! With the help of our partners Mena Eco, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and Eco Spectrum, we could not have done this without their enthusiasm and dedication! Thank you so much to the community for stepping in, and lending their time and efforts! 

October 2022

375 Kilograms worth of plastic bags, plastic bottles, snack bags, and utensil cups were successfully collected this month from various beaches such as Blue Lagoon, Lagouna, Assalah, Ras Muhammad, Nabq, and Gahaza! A big thank you to the community who contributed their time and effort and to our partners Red Bull, Oceanic Ventures Retreat, Banlastic, Hepca, ECO Dahab, COW & CO, Palm Hills, and Badya for helping us keep the sea plastic free! 

September 2022

Our lovely peeps at Dahab helped us collect 89 kilograms of plastic waste of all sorts; plastic bottles, plastic bags, and food containers. Cheers to you all for carrying all that baggage!

August 2022

Our summer wasn’t like your usual summer break in Sahel! Mountain View, Ras el Hekma, hosted us, alongside Woosh Club, to run our beach cleanups, meditation sessions, and yoga retreats! We even had our first walkthrough art installation with Very Nile highlighting all the plastic bottles we collected from the beach. We’re looking forward to many more fun things to do next summer and we hope you can join us!

July 2022

This time, we were hunting hard for those nasty microplastics! We collected 100 kilograms of microplastics, food containers, and water bottles from the coasts of Dahab. All thanks to the community that helped us get those b*stards!

June 2022

Let’s clarify that microplastics almost weigh nothing! Yet, with the help of the community as always, we managed to collect 41 kilograms of it, along with food containers and water bottles.

May 2022

Shoutout to the amazing community and volunteers in Dahab who helped us collect over 130 kilograms of plastic bags, plastic utensils, and paper cups from the coasts! Seriously, that stuff is disgusting, thanks for helping us pick it up. 

April 2022

22 kilograms of plastic waste might not sound like much to you, but let us break down the horrible things we found: Plastic bags, plastic utensils, and paper cups from the coasts of Dahab. These things don’t weigh much, but they’re deadly!

March 2022

This is just a reminder to not litter on the beach, people! 318 kilograms of plastic bottles, caps, food containers, cigarette butts, and straws in Dahab? C’mon! We couldn’t have done this without the help of the community, though!

February 2022

There was 204.5 kilograms worth of trash lying around the coasts of Dahab. We happened to pick up all plastic bags, plastic bottles, and nets with the help of the community’s dedicated time and effort! Once again, we thank you for your participation.

January 2022

The trash keeps piling but that doesn't mean we weren’t up for it! We managed to collect 521 kilograms of food containers, plastic bottles, fishing nets, plastic bags, and cigarette butts from the coasts of Dahab. We are so proud of the hard work that keeps getting better and better every month!

December 2021

This one was a handful! We managed to collect 400 kilograms of plastic waste from the coasts of Dahab. This was a devastating amount of plastic waste, but after all the hard work of the awesome community and the volunteers, we got the job done!

November 2021

Well done to the community for putting their whole time and effort into collecting 40 kilograms of microplastics, cigarette butts, and bottle caps in Dahab! We truly can’t thank you enough!

September 2021

There was a huge amount of microplastics, food containers, and water bottles lying around Dahab, but the community and we managed to remove 34 kilograms of all that nasty stuff! We are proud of the effort that was put in to help keep the sea plastic free!

August 2021

Over 30 kilograms of microplastics, food containers, and water bottles from the North Coast were collected by a determined and committed set of people that thrive on saving the ocean! Thank you all! 

July 2021

We collected over 20 kilograms of microplastics, food containers, and bottle caps from the coasts of Dahab. We want to thank the community members that worked hard throughout the cleanup to get it done.  Talk about teamwork!