Committed To Preserving The Red Sea, Our Mission Is To Help Create a Sustainable Future In Egypt.

We use the power of business & collaborations to pave the path for a sustainable future in and around the Red Sea.


Founded by Sea Lovers

Seif Yousef was inspired to start this business after observing an overwhelming increase in plastic that is stuck in the world-class coral reefs of The Red Sea in 2020.

Inspired by Coral Reefs

After observing the negative impact of plastics on our corals, Seif realized that something had to be done in order to preserve the Red Sea.

Thalassains is born

Yousef embarked on this journey of creating a purpose-driven organization that guards the Red Sea.

Thousands of KG's later

Now, Thalassains manages one of the largest & most consistent beach cleanup operation in Egypt & recruits hundreds of volunteers & staff.

Cleaning the Red Sea is our business

Our entire business model is designed to fund the growth and scale of our cleanup operation.

Our cleanups and campaigns counteract some of the impacts of plastic pollution, inspire behavioural change, incentivize environmental stewardship at a local level, and bring new opportunities for growth, equality, education, and prosperity to people living in coastal environments.


The best way to clean the Red Sea is by preventing plastic pollution in the first place. We prioritize educating the local and national community about the causes and impacts of plastic pollution. Inspiring people to adopt ocean-friendly habits.


A consumer movement can help drive change, but ending the ocean plastic crisis will require direct action from leaders in governments, businesses, and other institutions. That’s why we advocate for innovation, incentives, and cross-functional partnerships that support the growth of a sustainable circular economy in Egypt.


We’re always looking for new ways to make a difference, maximize our impact, and discover new ways to use our recovered ocean materials. From building waste management infrastructure to product development, we’re constantly exploring, testing, and investing in promising new solutions to end the ocean plastic crisis.


Cleanups alone won’t end the ocean plastic crisis, but they are necessary to mitigate its worst impacts. By recovering plastic in the Red Sea, we help the ocean heal. We’re one of the only companies in the world that directly hires full-time staff to recover plastic from the Red Sea.

1 KG Promise

Our crew pulls atleast one kilogram of plastic waste from Egypt's Red Sea for every product sold.

How your purchase makes an impact


Our amazing project managers and volunteers are working day and night to remove plastic waste from the Red Sea.


We work with local drivers to bring all the plastic we collect to our storage in Dahab


After the plastic ends up in our storage, it's weighed, sorted, and sent off to get recycled, so it never re-enters the environment.

Research & Development

We're constantly trying to find new ways to upcycle the plastic we collect, weather by making it into new products, or art installations. With your continued support we are always coming up with solutions to combat the Red Sea plastic crisis.