6 Fun Facts About The Marine Life You Won't Even Believe

6 Fun Facts About The Marine Life You Won't Even Believe - Thalassains

There are 6 cool facts about the marine life you won’t believe. What are they? I'm sure you want to know! Read this article to discover all 6 fun facts about the marine life.

1. Dolphins love getting high!

Like many animals, dolphins find natural ways to get high. They use pufferfish to get this effect, and sometimes even do it in groups.

2. Octopuses are the most caring mums in the world! 

Once mummy octopus has laid its eggs, it cares for it until they hatch never living their sight, not even to feed! It is believed that mummy octopuses reach their limit and die as soon as their babies are swimming off. When they hatch, baby octopuses are smaller than your fingertip and fully-functional

3. Mating leaves male octopi confused for life:

When male octopus mates with a female he experiences chronic memory loss known as dementia, so he forever after swims around with no ability to remember.

4. You enjoy walking on parrotfish poop:

You know that soft, white sand in tropical islands that you love walking on? Yep, that's what parrotfish poop after eating coral.

5. A blue whale’s tongue is heavier than an elephant:

 As the largest animal on earth, the full-grown blue whale is so heavy, just its tongue can weigh more than an entire elephant- that means that it can be heavier than 7,000 kilograms

6. Angelfish are monogamous creatures! Only one partner for life.

When angelfish choose a partner, it’s for life! If one of them dies, the other one won’t breed with any other mate in their entire lifetime.

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