Five Natural Benefits of The Red Sea

Five Natural Benefits of The Red Sea - Thalassains
There are so many natural health benefits in the Red Sea. In this post we will go over 5 natural health benefits of this magical place. 

1. Due to it's high saline concentration that exists as a result of an abundance in coral reefs, swimming in the Red Sea improves your blood circulation.

2. The saltiness of the water, paired with the black sands that is found in areas of the Red Sea will help reduce your skin inflammation, and leave us feeling energetic and refreshed.

3. It will cure your Psoriasis also known as ""Sadafia"". The abundance in mountanious landscape around the sea acts as a natural barrier against wind and sand storms which makes the air free of any suspended grime that absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays. This fact is what makes the Red Sea an ideal place for treating the chronic skin disease.

4. According to recent studies, the sand of the Red Sea contains minerals and certain radioactive elements that help cure rheumatoid arthritis. Yes you heard ir right! Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis are advised to be partially buried in the sand, at dusk and dawn, to maximize the benefits of the sand.

5. THE RED SEA IS A NATURAL SCRUBBER! Because the Red Sea has alot of rocky parts and an abundance of salt, by being in it, you are treating your body with an ideal Natural Scrub.

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  • Astrid

    Please promote in every beach hotel to stop using toxic sun block In stead use Argan oil and drink healthy juices. That is your sun block . Is is super bad for the fishes and coral

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