Fury Shoals In Marsa Alam

Fury Shoals In Marsa Alam - Thalassains

One of the world's best diving spots is located in Marsa Alam!

 FURY SHOALS IN MARSA ALAM: The Fury Shoals is known to be the best spot for pristine reefs and superb corals. Fury Shoals have one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the entire Red Sea.

- CHINESE SUNKEN TUGBOAT: One of its main attractions is the Chinese tugboat, which sank in the 1940s.

- OCEANIC WHITETIP SHARK: Oceanic whitetips are opportunistic and curious predators. Oceanics can grow to approximately three metres in length and can weigh up to around 170kg, making them a formidable predator. if you’re careful enough, you can get an up-close encounter with this incredibly powerful shark species.

- BARRACUDAS: One of the most feared marine creatures for non-divers but those in the know crave underwater encounters with these misunderstood creatures. With a set of fang-like teeth, no wonder barracuda are considered brutal predators.They mainly feed on smaller fishes such as snapper, grunts, mullets, and bream.

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