Here Are Five Ways To Protect Marine Wildlife When Diving


1. DON’T TOUCH! We know you’re tempted. There’s a reason why marine animals are slippery, they are protected with a mucous coating from predators and infections. Touching them only destroys this coating and puts them in grave danger. ⁣

2. DON’T DISTURB THE ANIMALS! Avoid following or getting too close to marine animals for it could cause them stress and to act abnormally. Instead, stay calm and wait for them to approach you. ⁣

3. DON’T ANCHOR ON THE CORAL REEFS! Divers should NEVER never drop an anchor near sensitive areas such as coral reefs. Anchors can cause massive destruction, especially if the current causes the chain to drag back and forth through an entire section of the reef. ⁣

4. USE ECO-FRIENDLY SUNSCREEN! A lot of toxic chemicals are in commonly used sunscreens that cause coral bleaching and are unsafe for marine life. Make sure you do your research and that your sunscreen is labelled as ‘reef safe’. ⁣

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF! A good diver knows how to NOT HARM THE SEA! Make sure to always read and do your research before diving to protect the marine life in our Red Sea!⁣

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