The Endangered Creature Of The Red Sea

The Endangered Creature Of The Red Sea - Thalassains
We are killing the most endangered species of the Red Sea!⁣

The Dugong is a marine mammal that’s known as the “sea cow” and it roams in the shallow coasts of the Red Sea.It is currently among the IUCN ‘International Union for Conversation of Nature’ Red List of Threatened Species. Due to heavy touristic developments and littering around the Red sea coasts, Dugongs began retreating from the coasts of the Red Sea away from their natural habitat. With that being said, only 4,000 of them are left and only SEVEN have been recently seen near the coast.⁣

Thanks to @redsea.project that take the initiative to educate people and divers about those endangered species and how not to harm them!  ⁣

We must protect our marine animals at all costs! 

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