The Green Sea Turtle

The Green Sea Turtle - Thalassains

The Green Sea Turtle, AKA Chelonia Mydas. It lives in our Red Sea and is an endangered species. Every year it is documented that at least 1,000 Sea Turtles die from plastic digestion.

Here are 3 things you can do to help us save Sea Turtles.

1. Join the Clean Red Sea Movement by getting our beaded bracelet on the first of every month. By getting this bracelet, you fund the removal of 1 bag of trash from the Red Sea.

2. TALK WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Throwing a cigarette bud in the Sea will lead to killing more turtles. Leaving your water bottle by the Sea will lead to the death of more turtles and other sea creatures. Please, Please, Please, whenever you are by the Sea, properly discard your waste. It's in your hands.

3. Join one of our clean-ups or create your own clean-up with your friends, Send us a DM, and we would be more than happy to assist you with the logistics.

Remember, there is no planet B, Together let's save our ONE SEA.

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