The Magnificent Endangered Whale Shark (Bahlool)

The Magnificent Endangered Whale Shark (Bahlool) - Thalassains

This beautiful creature lives in the Red Sea, recently spotted in Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Port Ghalib, and Al-Fanous. ⁣

Here are three reasons why we need to protect it: ⬇️

1. Whale sharks are plankton-patrollers – these toothless sharks can eat more than 20 kilograms of plankton a day! ⁣

2. When ocean waters are rich in plankton, it shows the water is full of nutrients, and the ecosystem is healthy. Since whale sharks prefer waters packed full of plankton, their presence is a good indication of a healthy marine ecosystem. ⁣

3. Whale sharks also regulate the ocean's plankton levels and prevent these microscopic organisms from growing without restriction – which can hurt ocean environments if they do.⁣

IT IS ILLEGAL TO HUNT THEM IN EGYPT ‼️Marine biologists said that the repeated appearance of the whale shark in the Red Sea is a rare and unique event. Applying best diving and snorkelling practices around the whale shark is what encouraged it to stay! ⁣

Together, let's protect the Whale Sharks and preserve the Red Sea.

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