The Sacred Nile River

The Sacred Nile River
Egypt will most likely face a nationwide fresh water shortage by 2025. ⁣

The Nile River is the main source of water for 110 million Egyptians. Yet, we contaminate it with plastic and industrial waste every single day. ⁣

Climate change is already threatening the Nile, causing salt water from the Mediterranean to push through the Nile’s fertile water. ⁣

Plastic is killing our marine animals, but it is also killing us too. In just the past couple of years, around 40 tonnes of plastic waste and disposable bags were picked up from our fertile Nile River. ⁣

We must keep our Nile clean. We depend on it and many generations to come. @verynile is the first Egyptian initiative to take stand on waste pollution of the Nile. It's the dream team of a few people that just want to make the world a better place by cleaning up the Nile on a daily basis. Go show them some love!⁣

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